This area contains some free general advice to support members during the Coronavirus pandemic. This includes support for mental wellbeing and transitioning to remote working. 

This module provides information on the virus and reminders of what to do.  It also provides advice on working from home in a safe and healthy way. The content was developed by an external e-learning provider and is aimed at anyone working in an organisation who has now been asked to work from home.

This course, developed by an Australian provider, is free for RTPI members to help you to recognise and cope with stress, anxiousness and anxiety. Although it has an Australian focus, the tools are relevent to members working all over the world.

This module was developed by Micro Learn to look at the benefits and challenges of working in a virtual team. It offers suggestions to make remote working more effective.

This module was developed by Learn IT Anytime to help you to focus on your tasks, organise them effectively and accomplish your goals.

This course includes important information for both lone workers and employers of lone workers. It will guide you through the regulations, risk assessments & practical controls to support lone workers in undertaking their duties safely and effectively.