Ancient woodland and veteran trees are irreplaceable. Town planners have a key role in protecting them. This module demonstrates that it is possible to utilise existing planning legislation, tools and best practice to undertake high quality development that respects and protects the precarious nature of our ancient woodlands and trees. It also shows how planning can work to enhance these precious resources for future generations.

Core CPD framework: Environmental Planning

This module demonstrates how advances in technology can help planners work smarter.

RTPI Core CPD: Digital Planning

This module provides an overview of town planning's role in the growth of the new economy.

RTPI Core CPD: Digital Planning

This module is an introduction to professional ethics for members at any stage of their career.

RTPI Core CPD: Ethics and Professionalism

A very quick introduction to the topic of viability.

RTPI Core CPD: Infrastructure Planning and Economic Development

This course looks at how town planning can create better environments for people living with dementia.

RTPI Core CPD: Health and Inclusive Planning

This course explains how to write a Professional Development Plan (PDP).

RTPI Core CPD: Ethics and Professionalism