This  module is designed to help planners understand the basic arithmetic of viability assessments and their dependence on a range of assumptions and variables. The economics of development is introduced and  standard approaches to the appraisal of projects is explained. This knowledge is increasingly necessary in order to test both plans and development proposals to ensure that both public policy objectives and the needs of developers are met appropriately. Many planners will need to be aware of the issues, variables and techniques involved - if nothing else then to ensure that they are 'intelligent' clients or can ask pertinent questions about viability assessments presented to them.


This module provides an overview and update of UK development planning policy and management for climate change. The material has been carefully chosen to reflect key shared principles and approaches that will be of ongoing relevance across the UK, in the context of international legislation and policy commitments and professional practice.


The aim of this module is to enable professional planners to gain a greater awareness and  understanding of the role of public engagement in spatial planning and to help you develop the skills and techniques that can contribute to a good practice approach to engagement.


The Infrastructure Delivery Planning module is a starting point for anyone interested in the broader elements of planning.  The module gives an overview, with reflective learning opportunities, as well as examples of some current IDP topics.